Grandmother India Design Pvt. Ltd.


Grandmother is a design and communication studio based in Mumbai, India.

Why do we exist? Perhaps because everything in the world is not design. But we firmly believe that everything in the world could be.

When we started out, there were few pure design studios around. And through a decade of existence, it's been our privilege to watch a whole new visual culture grow all around us. A culture we're proud to be part of today.

We draw freely from the global aesthetic, but stay rooted in the local idiom. So our breadth is international, but our depths are wholly Indian.
Today, we're growing at breakneck pace. But the core remains the same. A belief in design as a living, breathing process. Something can vitalise and transform every aspect of life and society. This is the attitude we bring to every product, brand or service we're involved with.

Yet, we know that a philosophy can provide only a beginning. The solution must be grounded firmly in the realities of the marketplace. That's why our work is contained within a tight strategic framework. And rendered with processes that satisfy both sides of the mind.

It needs to be original. But it also needs to create real value for our clients. That's when it goes out through the door.
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